Tuesday, April 08, 2008

What's new, pussycat?

I was saddened to realise yesterday that March 2008 was the first month with no new entries since Tombolablog was conceived. I'll have to make amends in April.

So what better possible way to return, than with a video of a rabbit pooning a kitten?

The cameraman on that intrepid piece of nature reportage? Yours truly, while on hols in Ireland last week. When we looked out of our chalet and saw the two animals approaching each other we wondered if they might have a fight or something. The result was truly unexpected. Gonna give you some sweet lordosis, baby.

The holiday was great and, just like that big, eager rabbit, I fully enjoyed the craic!

Pip pip!

If you can hear the sound on that clip you my have noticed what appears to be a cheeky parp a few seconds in. I honestly don't know if it is me trumping or not. It could well be the sound of the door as an appalled CP goes back inside.


frankien said...

I am a bit disturbed by this. I had wanted to get a rabbit and its made me change my mind. At least the cat knew it was wrong.

Moon said...

Please tell me the poor kitten got away. That rabbit was quite persistent. Send it to You've Been Framed! Well worth the £250 per showing.

Why were you filming though? Did you know this was about to happen? Sicko!!

Moon said...

PS I forgot to say that I found the clip incredibly funny. Am also a sicko.

Tombola said...

I'm no sicko, Moon. I was merely observing nature at work. Attenborough wouldn't have intervened and so neither did I. The reason I knew that would happen is that I had been enjoying the display for the previous 10 minutes or so. There was no stopping that rabbit! I nipped indoors and picked up the camera, and the rest you know.

Moon said...

10 mins or so? Poor kitten! I presume it did escape?

I think it sounds like a door, btw, otherwise it probably would have been followed by you giggling.

Tombola said...

That's very true.

I don't think it wanted to escape Moon, at no point did it actually try and run away/take a swipe at its assailant. One thing I didn't say is that from the early hours of the morning we had all been wondering what the strange mewling noise outside was. They'd be going at it for hours!